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The Best Places in Austin to Take Your Male Date

In the era of Bumble and Barbie, it’s not uncommon for ladies to be the pursuer in today’s dating world. There is a long list of pros to being the first one to make a move, but planning the date might not feel like one of them if planning isn’t your strong suit. Ladies (and gents!), if you’re looking for somewhere to take a male date, we’ve created the ultimate guide that is sure to impress!

Whisler's in Austin, Texas

Located on East 6th street alongside arguably the best and coolest nightlife in Austin, Whisler’s has a vibe like no other. Its quirky decor and unique ambience are great conversation starters, and their cocktails are expertly crafted and undeniably delicious. The bar also houses a small Mezcal bar upstairs— a fact that is sure to impress your date. Not to stereotype here, but your male date is more likely to love mezcal and whiskey than not, and cool upscale casual vibe and expert bartenders are truly everything he could want for a first getting-to-know-each other setting.

Loro in Austin, Texas

If you’re local to Austin, we’d be willing to bet money at least one man has asked you on a first date to Loro. They seem to have some kind of secret consensus that Loro is for lovers . Beat them to the punch and suggest Loro for your first date. We wouldn’t be surprised if you get a “that’s exactly what I was thinking!” making him think you’re already compatible. In all fairness, the food is AMAZING. The menu of Asian Smokehouse meets Texas Barbecue is a unique one, but we’ve yet to find a dish we don’t adore. They also serve great cocktails, if you’re needing a cure for first date jitters. Who wouldn’t RSVP yes to a frozen gin and tonic?!

Banger's in Austin, Texas

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is home to the largest tap wall in Texas— the perfect fact to drop upon arrival! and impress your date. If he loves beer (or just good food), there’s no doubt he’ll love Banger’s. They have live music outside on the weekends, so you can check the big Austin three in one swoop: beer, bands, and bumble dates. 

The White Horse in Austin, Texas

East Austin’s favorite honky tonk, we love The White Horse for a first date, and so will your male date. With two-stepping lessons and live music, you can dance, shoot some pool, and grab (cheap!) drinks. The venue gives you plenty to talk about, and there’s even a taco truck in the back if things are going well enough for dinner! If you’re double dating or hanging out in a group, we 10 out of 10 recommend White Horse as a spot to bring your new man around your friends! 

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas

If you aren’t too sure if you like your date yet, see a movie! Limiting talking needed and awkward silences eliminated. Alamo Drafthouse makes this classic date night even more exciting with a full restaurant menu that is served right to your seat as you watch. If it’s going well after the movie, you can always keep the night going and stop at Highball, the cocktail bar connected to the theater, for drinks. They have live music and karaoke certain nights of the week, so plan accordingly! 

Tumble 22 Hot Chicken in Austin, Texas

These facts haven’t been verified, but we are confidently willing to bet that if there’s one thing at least 7 out of 10 men love, it’s fried chicken. Tumble 22 Hot Chicken is a great spot to grab lunch or a casual dinner, and will never fail to be a hit. If you’re visiting the location on Lake Austin Blvd, you could also plan to take a walk on the trail by the lake afterwards for a fun outdoor activity. 

Easy Tiger in Austin, Texas

When in doubt, go for the classic sure-fire ways to a man’s heart: beer and baked goods. Easy Tiger has both AND a great deal for happy hour from 4-6pm every day. The seating is mostly outdoors, and they serve great lunch options, delicious pastries, and breakfast all day long. This is a great spot for a lunch date, or a nice early hang in the spring and summer. However, their drink menu is pretty limited to beer, so you may need to scout out an additional spot for cocktails if you’re looking for a greater variety.

Historic Scoot Inn in Austin, Texas

In case you forgot - Austin is the live music capital of the world. A concert is ALWAYS a good idea. Scoot Inn holds outdoor concerts year round, and has a rich Austin history that lends itself to some great stories. Originally opened to serve beer in 1871, you’ll be able to impress your date with the fact that it’s the only continuously running beer joint in Central Texas. Scoot Inn hosts a variety of artists from a multitude of genres, so find out what he listens to and snag some concert tickets. 

Zilker Brewing Company in Austin, Texas

Now we’re just stating the obvious, but you can’t go wrong if you plan a date to one of Austin’s many breweries, and Zilker Brewing company is undoubtedly one of the coolest and liveliest in the city. Taste the beer brewed in house and enjoy a rustic ambience. Zilker Brewing Company is a great stop for lunch and a little day drinking or a casual dinner. It’s also a great choice for a double-dating location.

Dumont's Down Low in Austin, Texas

This unique basement space, located in the heart of Austin’s historic warehouse district, is crawling with history. Its exposed brick and whiskey barrel-filled interior lend themselves to a great atmosphere for a cocktail– and they have perhaps the best in town. They offer a plethora of options, and rotate some drinks seasonally, so there is always something new to try. This spot is very drinks-centric, so you will need to find another spot for food afterwards if the date is going well.

Techo Mezcaleria & Agave Bar at Mi Madres in Austin, Texas

A tiny mezcal bar upstairs at Mi Madres Restauraunt, Techo proudly boasts the best Agave cocktails in Texas. Stop in for a few to get rid of the first date nerves, then spend the rest of your evening downstairs bonding over Tex-Mex– Tequila and tacos make for a classic Austin date night.

Austin Pickle Ranch in Austin, Texas

If you and your new man are the active type, Pickleball is all the rage these days. While playing on your neighborhood tennis court is a decent time, level up your date and take him to the Austin Pickle Ranch. You can reserve rooftop courts ahead of time, so you never have to worry about crowds. Show your date this cool spot with beautiful views of Austin, and get your competition on with a game of pickleball. 

PDA Band at Icenhauer's in Austin, Texas

If he makes it to the second date, come see us at Icenhauer’s for a fun Sunday afternoon of music, drinks, and good times! The vibes are always great, so it's also the perfect spot to introduce him to some friends, hit the dance floor, and sing your hearts out to the hits.

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