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The 90’s are Back!: Our Top Five 90’s Songs That Never Really Left

Who doesn’t love to bump a good 90’s jam? We know we do. Now that every trend from the 90’s imaginable seems to be back in style, we can’t help but reminisce on our favorite songs from the era. So many have truly been able to stand the tests of time, but these 5 are hands-down our favorites. After all, they never really went out of style.

This one still gets stuck in our heads on a pretty regular basis. This catchy tune will simply never get old. The Backstreet Boys debuted their first album in 1996, and have remained popular since. Through the ups, downs, and hiatuses, the Backstreet Boys are forever cemented in history. They continue to perform for adoring fans, and this song will forever be an icon of the 90’s.

This one has been all the rage with the younger generation— it truly never lost its popularity. I’m not sure there’s been a college party since it came out that this wasn’t played at least once. The Killers struck gold with Mr. Brightside— by far their most popular song. 

Shania Twain will never go out of style! This 90’s country hit never fails to get us in a good mood. It’s perfect for dancing, feeling confident, and singing along. She even performed it at the most recent ACL here in Austin and at Coachella alongside pop star Harry Styles a few years back. If you ask us, that’s a true testament for its consistent popularity, and may have even introduced this classic to the part of the younger generation that is Harry Styles obsessed! 

This one has probably been on repeat since it came out– it’s one that gets stuck in your head immediately and never leaves! The Spice Girls have created timeless characters that many today can still resonate with, keeping this classic hit relevant for years to come.

The fact that there are still college girls today dressing up as Britney in this music speaks to its lasting popularity– Britney’s music will truly never go out of style. This song is catchy, fun, and perfect for screaming the words with your best friends. We think this one will continue to be relevant in pop culture for decades. 

If these hits have made you want to take a step back in time to the 90s, check our song list for even more inspiration!

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