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Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Live Band


Ever considered jazzing up your event by hiring a live band? Whether you're in New Orleans or Austin TX, the idea of a live band performing those smooth jazz tunes or getting everyone on the dance floor with hit songs might have crossed your mind.

But there are a ton of misconceptions, right? Let’s dive in and clear the air, here are the top misconceptions about hiring a live band:

Why hire a live band?

Atmosphere enhancement

PDA Band performing at a live show

Whether it's a soul band, swing band, jazz band, or an all-out party band, they bring a vibe, a rhythm, and a soulful atmosphere. Music isn’t just heard; it's felt. And live music? That’s an experience!

Singers or performers with the bands aim to fill whatever event space they’re in with both amazing vocals and incredible dance moves.

Finding the perfect live band can transform your event into something people will be talking about for ages.

Audience engagement

A live band, especially at a wedding reception or corporate event, ensures your guests are engaged and entertained.

PDA Wedding band

Their talented musicians can light up any event with their crowdwork skills. This is what usually separates the good bands from the great bands, is how they interact and engage with the audience.

If you want to ensure you’ll be getting highly trained & skilled performers who know how to work the crowd & put on a show, then choosing Moontower Entertainment is the way to go. Their bands are perfect for any event, with options ranging from Motown cover bands to 90s & early 2000s cover bands.

Top Misconceptions

They are too expensive

Looking for a local band or a tribute band for a birthday party? Many options fit into a range of budgets. Remember, it's not just about music; it's about the experience. Many bands will also work with you to ensure that you’ll be getting the most band for your buck.

Ask about what their package includes, this can give you a good idea of what extra expenses the band covers, like transportation, sound, or lighting.

All bands sound the same

Every band, whether a function band or a party band, brings its unique touch. Some bands try to stick to the original song, while others try to add their own little seasoning to it.

Wedding band the pda band

Either way, the singers & band members will always make up a unique experience for your guests.

Not sure if they will sound good? Oftentimes, bands will play live shows around town & you can get a chance to see them in person beforehand.

Setup is a logistical nightmare

The wedding ceremony is in the southeast, but your favorite band is in the northwest? Fear not. Most bands are pros at adapting to different event requirements.

One way to see if a band is capable of setting up its own logistics is to ask if they have a ‘backline’. A backline in this sense is a term used to describe when a band brings their own equipment to a venue or event, rather than expecting the venue to provide it.


By asking if the band has its backline or can provide a backline, you are essentially removing all of the logistical pressure from your shoulders & giving that weight to the band.

You'll find that almost all bands do have their own backline & actually prefer it to a venue backline.

Live bands can't play current hits

Wrong! Whether it's the latest pop hits or the timeless classics, they’ve got it covered.

Cover bands in particular are always learning new songs to stay on top of trends, so if you don't see something on their song list, ask! Odds are they are either working on incorporating it or have done so before.

Benefits of a live band

Unique musical experiences

Hiring a band, whether it’s a party band for a corporate party or a jazz band for a sophisticated gathering, offers a unique live music experience every time. You really feel like the band is playing for you and you only.

Personalization of your event

Hiring a band allows you to customize the set list & outfits of the band to fit whatever vibe you’re looking for.

love & happiness band

If you’re looking for the best way to personalize your performance, you should talk to Moontower Entertainment about how they can find the perfect live music for your event.

Memorable moments

That impromptu dance-off during a live performance or the shared moment when the entire reception sings along. Priceless! The bonding & memories you will make, are everlasting.

How to find the right "live band for hire"

The quest for the perfect band begins with understanding your needs.

  • Research, attend local events, listen to live music bands or solo artists, and always ask for recommendations.

The perfect band is out there, sometimes you just need a little help finding it. The best way to do this is to find someone who has been in the music industry in your market for a long time.

  • For example, Moontower Entertainment in Austin TX has been operating in the area for almost 20 years, because of this they have tons of connections to all different bands across the state & nation.

If you go to them & tell them what type of vibe you’re looking to create, odds are they will find it for you & blow your expectations out of the water.


matchmaker band at a wedding

From wedding bands in the United Kingdom to jazz bands in New Orleans, the world of live music is vast and varied. So, the next time you’re booking entertainment for an event, don't let misconceptions deter you. Dive into the world of live music, and let the magic unfold.


Are live bands only suitable for big events?

No, they cater to events of all sizes.

How early should I book a band?

The earlier, the better, especially if they are in high demand.

Can I request specific songs?

Most bands are open to requests, especially if informed in advance.

What if the band faces technical issues during the event?

Professional bands usually have backup equipment and can manage minor hiccups.

Do bands provide their own equipment?

Most do, but it's always best to clarify beforehand.

Are live bands louder than DJs?

Not necessarily. Volume can be adjusted as per the venue and audience.

Can they play longer than agreed if the event is extended?

It depends on the band's schedule and availability. Always best to discuss this in advance.

Will the band need a break during their performance?

Yes, most bands take short breaks, especially during longer gigs.

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